Everything starts with an idea. Though we know that ideas are great and all, but sometimes it’s hard to nail down the details. This is where the process works. 

I know how disappointing when the final result is different to what you’ve imagined. That’s why i have a proven process to make sure that you understand what your final deliveries are, and that nothing is left out.

I work with you to provide a comprehensive brief, and from there, I create a topline statement of work detailing all inclusions. This is super important, because as we discuss what it is you need, we will uncover things that are not covered in the idea. We list them and we discuss how to implement and what the seeds of destruction will be. 

We have a living google document that we both have access to at all times to ensure that project status is transparent at all times. Each project phase is signed off before commencing the next, and changes are managed via a change request process. 

My rate is a flat $50 per hour ex GST, but before we begin, I provide you with a detailed Statement of Work that rationalises hours, so you can be sure you’re getting a massive bang for your buck. 30% is due upon commencement of work, 30% at first draft handover and the remainder upon delivery of final assets. Changes are managed via a change request process and additional costs/hours are signed off by yourself before work commences. Work is scheduled in sprints. If feedback is delayed, so is the delivery of your final assets.