It can be tough, knowing where to start. Especially when you are so close to your site you can’t see the forest for the trees. This is where one of my audits com in handy. They are actionable points that you can chip away at, that will immediately enhance your digital presence.

It’s a three pronged approach –

1. Website: I review your website on both mobile and desktop and make notes about what should be updated, what needs to be changed in the immediate to make it easier for customers to get to the point of purchase. And I explain to you why it’s important
2. Your digital footprint: I review your digital footprint – your social media pages, your emails, your immediate ecosystem that revolves around your funnel, and keeping your messaging and funnels consistent. I look at your social media and ensure that your brand voice flows through and if it doesn’t make suggestions on how to optimise.
3. Action points: I produce a document with actionable points and more than that, I explain WHY it’s important. Points that you can take away and action yourself, or engage myself or someone else to fix for you.
The cost for these is around $200 – $500. This is a small investment for what ends up being a comprehensive and actionable digital strategy. As they are time consuming, there is a 10-15 business day turn around from payment to delivery.